Starting with sheets of S35VN stainless steel, made in the USA and blocks of exotic woods, Phil builds beautiful knives from inception to completion.  All blades are cut on a water jet from Phil's designs. Blades are then hand drilled for 416 stainless pins. Next comes the heat. Phil tempers his knives with a 5 step process that includes a liquid nitrogen quench called Cryogenic. Blades are tempered to a 60 rockwell.  After the heat treating the blades are ready for grinding. This is where Phil really excels at his craft. After many grits of grinding belts he ends up with beautifully shaped and finished blades that are ready for equally beautiful handles.  Handle material is chosen by each customer from a vast array of woods or micarta.  All woods are stablilized by Phil to make them hard and more durable.  Some are also dyed.  Handles are then epoxied and pinned to the blade with 3 sizes of pins. Now comes the shaping of his elegantly designed handles. He begins the process on his grinder and ends the sanding by hand to 1500 grit sand paper and buffing with rouge to a polished finish.  The last and most important step is his sharpening process, which also includes many grits down to a final step with a leather strop.  Each knife receives the Rockin 1 logo etched on the blade.  A name, initial, date or brand, can also be etched on the blade to personalize it for the customer.


How it's Made