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Corporate Custom Gifts

Our Promise

We offer Heirloom quality kitchen cutlery for every culinary tasks. Each knife blade can be personalized with a name, a special date, a brand or your great idea. All stands can be personalized with an inscription, making this a perfect gift. All Chef knife sets are numbered and signed by Phil. They are truly a piece of functional art for your kitchen.

What We Offer

Member of the American Bladesmith Association and The Idaho Knifemaker's Association. 


Phil Creates Heirloom Kitchen Knives



Phil personally designs, tempers, shapes, and sharpens each blade. Phil designs, assembles, and finishes handles and stands for every Chef knife set. Each knife set is numbered and signed by Phil.

Phil’s interest in knife-making has strong ties to his ancestral history. His maternal grandfather, Noel Cazenave, immigrated to San Francisco from a small village in Southern France in 1907. He became a butcher and opened a meat market in 1941. Good knives were a necessity of his trade. His Grandfather’s knives have been passed down to family members for three generations. His knives are central to the daily ritual of preparing nourishing foods.

               Phil’s paternal grandfather, Hyman Feinberg, descended from timber fallers in Russia. When he immigrated to the United States he began a furniture store in Delaware. Three of his sons, including Phil’s father worked in the furniture industry. Working with wood and design seems to come naturally to his family.

               Phil’s interest in knife-making developed organically from family history and his own history.  At Cal Poly Phil shod horses to help with school. He learned to make hand forged shoes while there. Phil became a cattle rancher and built the Rockin One ranch for over 20 years in Paso Robles, CA. and became both a competitor and a judge for the National Cutting Horse Association.  All of this history played into Phil’s quest to learn knife-making many years later after moving to McCall, Idaho.

               In March 2010 Phil spent a week with Master Bladesmith, Ed Caffey, in Montana. He completed his first hand forged knife. Upon returning home, with a new passion, he had opportunities open for him to set up shop space. He gathered up all the tools and equipment he had brought from his ranch many years before. With the help of many friends  (like woodworker Bruce Forsyth), hours of internet research, mentoring from other knife-makers (especially Tim Hancock), and the commitment from his two daughters and sister to help, Phil launched his Rockin One Knife business. One could say it has become a family business, harvesting the ingenuity, creativity, and strong work ethics of all the generations that have come before.

The History

Say thank you to your customers in a way they will remember for a lifetime. We offer a variety of Luxury Cutlery gifts sets or single  kitchen knives that can be personalized for your customers.

All Rockin One Knives come with a lifetime guaranty for workmanship and quality of materials used.